Wind Power


The blades are composed of fiberglass with a reinforcement in order to guarantee the lightest and most stable equipment.

Wind generators work on wind. This means that the power is more reliable because wind works 24/7 (It is dependent on your area and surroundings) unlike the solar power which only works 9 hours of the day due to it is dependent on the sun light.

The success of wind power depends totally on the suitability of your site.

These wind generators are optimized to low –winds. This means that they produce power even when there is very little wind, they start up at 2.0m/s.

SOLAR SYSTEMS: these only work, average, 9 hours when the sun is out. Therefore you need an extremely good battery pack as 15 hours there is no input only output from usage of the power. Whereas wind generator systems get input all the time and therefore do not need as good a battery pack compared to solar.

HYBRID SYSTEMS: these are the best systems you can get although they are more expensive as it is a combination of solar and wind which compliments each other very well.


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