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Tecnix Tanzania was established in 2010 to provide homes and businesses with green, renewable energy produced with materials local to Tanzania. Our years of experience with building, installing and maintaining wind generators in Tanzania have allowed us to learn, and thereby improve and refine our wind generators to suit the Tanzanian context.

Wind is a renewable resource – one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly sources of power to use[1].  Wind generators do not take up much space, and they harness wind power with very little pollution. While solar panels can be useful, they only produce power when the sun is shining (9 hours max on a good day), and require large, expensive batteries to store power for 24/7 use.  Solar panels are also less efficient at producing energy compared to wind generators and give off more CO2 per kWh.1

Wind generators are of course dependent on wind, and sometimes the wind speed is too slow to produce power. However, our system is designed to harvest good power in low wind speeds which is most common but they are also built to survive the high wind speeds and storms.

Our first wind generators which were produced were made with wooden blades and came with a very small system. However, during test periods problems were discovered. Our new ideas evolved into bigger systems and fiberglass blades. Ideas kept developing as trial and errors were found in the test periods. The solutions to the errors would be found and in the end a high reliable quality wind generator was produced which is what Tecnix Tanzania produces and sells today.


[1] An analysis of wind vs. solar energy shows that wind generators create energy more efficiently and release less CO2 into the air compared to solar. https://sites.google.com/site/anatomyofglobalclimatechangevj/data-and-analysis


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